What are TELEPOLLs?

In simple terms, telepolls are people talking about your ideas with other people - your people. Your clients. Your market. There is no better way to gather information on personal preferences than with human contact.

Telepoll uses telephone based surveys to connect with target audiences, to explore and evaluate consumer opinion on topics relevant to brands, products and or services.

While other approaches and methodologies exist for market research, telepolls consistently deliver results that more closely resemble the characteristics of an entire marketplace because of the personal interaction.

More accurate data ultimately leads to an enhanced consumer insight and thus the ability to shape one's strategies more effectively to achieve better performance.

As an example, organizations utilize telepolls to create positioning concepts and to shape their respective brands during the product development phase. Telepolls are also used to connect with target audiences throughout marketing campaigns and post sale to evaluate customer satisfaction and opinions.



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