Telepolls play an important role in the management of client relations, markets, brands and products. From the development of successful marketing campaigns to evaluating consumer reactions to products and services, telepolls are highly effective at gathering relevant data essential to understanding consumer perceptions. Telepolls provide companies the ability to assess and adapt in real-time to changing needs in their market place. 

Telepoll maintains over 40 telecommunication stations, and operates from 8am to 9:30pm in all time zones. We are able to quickly and efficiently deploy and conclude any market survey in the matter of days (or weeks depending on the number of required surveys). Results are delivered to clients on a daily basis, and aggregated at the end of each project.

Below are just a few of the types of projects that could help your organization better manage your clients, markets, brands and products.


» Renewal Campaigns

Is your business experiencing retention issues? Whether clients have left the market place altogether or they have defected to other brands, Telepoll can get to the bottom of the matter by conducting thousands of surveys in a matter of days. Often these campaigns help to remind forgetful clients to renew their business with your company.

Telepoll can also facilitate the renewal process where clients express the interest during the survey campaign.

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» Client Relationship Management / Customer Satisfaction

Your clients are your most important asset. Although, new clients are 5 to 7 times more expensive to acquire than to maintain existing relationships. That's why understanding client needs and habits is crucial to the survival and continued growth of any business.

Often companies find it overwhelming to contact all, or even a smaller sample, of their client data base to inquiry into the level of customer satisfaction or to conduct a survey about the company's products and services. That's where Telepoll comes in. Telepoll is able to focus 100% on conducting surveys and collecting data that will ultimately set the direction of your company.

Having Telepoll conduct your surveys, not only allows your employees to focus on maintaining customer service levels; Telepoll also adds a layer of anonymity which helps improve results by conducting surveys in an objective environment.

» Market Evaluation

Entering a new market, or introducing a new product? Whether at home or internationally, telepolls are an excellent way to contact and to evaluate the perceptions and needs of a broad sample of your target market.  Telepolls can help your business better understand your clients' buying process and determine whether your product mix is appropriate and addresses the changing needs of your target market.

Telepolls are also useful in determining what segments are most attractive to your business in regards to profitability and saleability; enabling your company to focus on the segment(s) of the market that will generate the greatest returns.

» Brand Positioning / Value Propositions

Where is your brand positioned? High Quality — High Price? Low Quality — Low Price? Somewhere in between? Telepolls help companies define what is important to the consumers of a brand versus its competition, and what will engage the consumer and cause them to choose one brand over another. Ultimately it is a brand's perceived value together with price that will compel an individual to purchase your products and services. How is your company positioned?

» Focus Group Recruiting

Telepoll doesn't stop at basic data collection. Ask us to help you recruit for your upcoming focus group! Telepoll's experienced recruiters are experienced at finding the right demographic for the type of research you are conducting.

» B2B - Business to Business

Telepoll's executive interviewers are highly skilled in getting past the most difficult gatekeepers direct to the highest of C-Level respondents (CEO, CFO COO,etc..). Telepoll has designed and implemented effective techniques to ensure the highest possible co-operation rate with hard to reach respondents.

» Multilingual

For international and multilingual projects, Telepoll maintains a large pool of experienced interviewers, who conduct telephone surveys and opinion polls in several languages; including: English, French, Spanish, italian, German, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Portuguese, to name a few.

» Employee Satisfaction

If clients are your most important asset, your employees are certainly second on the list, as they often enhance a company's competitive advantage. Telepoll conducts surveys with both existing employees and leaving employees to determine if the employer remains competitive in the market place in terms of compensation, benefits and, perhaps more importantly, employment conditions.

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