Case Studies

The following are just a few notable cases in which Telepoll assisted its clients deliver on an array of projects, each with their own objectives and desired outcomes. These serve as examples of the quality of projects and the breadth of solutions Telepoll has to offer its clients.

Association Renewal - Past Due Membership - B2C
A leading Canadian, not-for-profit, 50 + association with over 70,000 members was experiencing low membership renewal rates. The association hosts over 20 sold out events across Canada and the US each year, publishes a quarterly high gloss news magazine and maintains an interactive website. With such innovative member benefits, the association was puzzled by its stagnated membership.

The association approached Telepoll to help determine the cause of its membership erosion, to remind members to renew and to renew memberships where possible. Telepoll contacted past due members and conducted a survey devised in-house. The survey addressed reasons why members had not renewed and in what areas the association could improve, in order to boost membership.

Take-aways from the survey:

1) Members that had been contacted were pleased that the association had made a concerted effort to contact them,

2) Members appreciated having the opportunity to have their opinions counted in setting direction for their association, and

3) Members found it convenient to renew their membership over the phone after the survey had been completed.

Through this experience, the association not only gained valuable insight into its membership, it also had a return on investment of 25% on funds spent to conduct the survey. The association was so pleased that it has signed on for an additional year of service.

Government Programs Awareness Campaign - B2B
An emerging consulting organization needed to evaluate the market potential for a new government funding program dedicated to helping Canadian businesses with technological advancements. Telepoll’s role was to contact a large target audience on behalf of the organization and to conduct a survey with decision makers within the organizations. Where these “C-level” (CEO, CFO, COO) individuals expressed an interest in the program, Telepoll further communicated the benefits of the program, mailed brochures on the topic and further set appointments between our client and the prospect.

Take-aways from the survey:

The results of the survey were very well received by both the audience and the client. The client gained a greater understanding of the target industry and its funding requirements. The client also secured several leads and profitable contracts as a direct result of the surveys conducted by Telepoll. The return-on-investment far exceeded the cost of the awareness campaign, and the client has signed on for additional projects, and also has referred Telepoll to other businesses.

Quality Control/Consumer Satisfaction - B2C
For over 7 years, Telepoll has conducted a tracking survey on the quality of independent auto body repair shops that service the Canadian auto and insurance industries. The survey was contracted by a government insurance organization and was used to track the quality of how automobile claims are handled, from the consumer prospective.

Take-aways from the survey:

On a monthly basis Telepoll conducts upwards of 6000 surveys with recent insuance claimants. The organization used the results of the survey to improve employee training programs and to bolster customer satisfaction around the claims process. Notably the organization realized a 20% increase in customer satisfaction over the years.

Key Employee Retention B2B
A leading North American pharmacy was experiencing a higher than normal rate of attrition within a certain group of key employees. The company was losing its competitive advantage and sought to determine the cause of the continued resignations and to devise a strategic employee retention program.

Take-aways from the survey:

Our client contracted Telepoll to conduct exit surveys with key employees that had chosen to leave the company. While at the beginning of the campaign Telepoll conducted these surveys out of necessity, for the last 10 years Telepoll has continued to conduct these surveys as matter of sound business practice. The pharmacy can now act in real time to changing employee perceptions on everything from working conditions to commensurate salary and benefit packages.

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