Association Renewal Campaign

Telepoll helps North American associations with the membership renewal process by connecting with past due members that may have forgotten or neglected to renew their memberships.

Associations often lack the human resources necessary to personally contact their growing lists of members that have not yet renewed; revenues suffer as a result. That's where Telepoll comes in...

Telepoll can help your association renew more members - FAST!

Non-renewals exist for a number of reason. Members may feel neglected by their association due to a lack of communication, Members may feel the value received from their membership is limited, either because they didn't use or didn't know about the member benefits. OR, members may simply forget to renew their memberships.

Telepoll's Association Renewal Campaign addresses all of these concers with just one phone call.

Telepoll's dedicated renewal specialists become your team of customer service representatives focused entirely on connecting with members and renewing memberships. Our model allows your association to regain lost revenues, without interrupting regular business functions or reducing service levels.

Since Telepoll's team is dedicated to your renewal campaign, we are able to contact literally thousands of members in a matter of weeks. The results are immediate (delivered daily) and benefit both the association and the member by opening a dialogue. During the your campaign, Telepoll is able to:

  • Collect membership dues - increasing current revenues,
  • Update member information - decreasing future expenses,
  • Provide additional facts about the benefits of your association - increasing association awareness and revenues, and
  • Conduct telephone member satisfaction or opinion surveys - increasing knowledge of changing member demands and demographics

Also, telephone surveys provide members the opportunity to express their views about the association, its mandate and member benefits. Engaging members with an open dialogue keeps members interested and feeling their views are useful and appreciated. Involved members renew their membership!

What does a Renewal Campaign Cost?

The cost of a renewal campaign can vary greatly and depends on the price your association charges for a membership, the perceived value of membership, the number of past due members to be called, and the membership's demographic.

However, what is consistent with most campaigns is that the Return on Investment is typically between 20 and 40%! Each program pays for itself, and is profitable!

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